Illinois Roads - US 34

All photos are eastbound except for the second set.

Two routes begin in a short span in Oswego, one on either side of the Fox River. This is far from the only name borrowed from New York, with Batavia and Geneva up the river, and with Marseilles, Seneca, and Lockport east on the Illinois and Michigan Canal. The subtle intent was to use names from the successful Erie Canal along the navigable waterways of northeast Illinois.

Back west toward the first of those routes, capturing the old US 34 bridge just north of the current one built in 1993. Notice the similar rail design on the newer bridge.

Looking east on the old 1937 bridge, which so clearly goes straight into US 34 and wants to still carry traffic.

Approaching Aurora Rd. in Naperville.

I expanded the photo so you could compare the correct assembly (north) to incorrect (south). You can also see I-88 covered, with construction knocking out the ramp split to the left.

There are several old overhead median lane signs along US 34 in Downers Grove. This one is at Wilson Ave.

On into Brookfield, find Barcol at 9036 Ogden Ave. and find the zoo by following the cute friendly animals that don't eat people if given the chance.

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