Illinois Roads - US 150

US 150

This 1979 photo from Michael Summa shows off a narrow US 150 shield and an unusual but Illinois-standard distance marker. The distances reset by county. The mileage places this on CR 18 NB in Kickapoo.

Emo the Sad Clown will serve you regret and fries at the corner of Prospect Rd. in Peoria.

First, I'm pretty sure McClugage was not Mc Clugage. Second, I'm pretty sure Illinois is a recognizable enough name in its own state that it doesn't need serifs.

Continuing east across the Illinois River at Peoria Lake, one of its wider points. Oddly, there would have been a much shorter crossing just half a mile north. This is now just US 150, not US 150/24, as US 24 crosses the river at I-474 south of Peoria and stays to the east instead of running north-south through the heart of the city. As a result, there is no longer east-west route continuity at the eastern interchange - US 150 drops off this highway and US 24 joins. In fact, US 150 and 24 now share a wrong-way concurrency (along IL 116) instead of a same-direction one.

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