Illinois Roads - Renwick Rd. Br.

Renwick Road Bridge, Plainfield

Technically in an unincorporated area surrounded by Plainfield, this is Renwick Rd. EB approaching the DuPage River. Since these 2012 photos, the new bridge has opened, providing a straight path across the river instead of a jog to the south. The jog provided a slightly shorter crossing of the river by being more perpendicular, but the main reason was to have a 90-degree crossing of the railroad on the west shore. Angled crossings are no issue with modern road-building technology.

This is that slightly shorter crossing, and to the credit of Will County, it has been preserved for pedestrians. These photos look east.

Looking north from the old bridge at the path of the new one.

View from the west shore.

The eastern portal of the bridge has the plaque on top.

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