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The 50th anniversary Interstate system signs, unique to Illinois, should have come down by 2012. No one can read them at freeway speeds anyway.

Just off I-24 in Metropolis, 5th St. WB a block beyond US 45.

This feels like a historic photo, but it's just dusk. The Lincoln Heritage Trail branch ends at the road leading to SR 441 in Indiana, unnumbered in Illinois. IL 33 NB began at US 50 and has been heading south-southeast to this point, which is its historic southern terminus at old 50. It now finally turns north and backtracks for awhile. Most of the rest of the route then heads west. The old route of IL 33, which the main branch of the Heritage Trail follows, turned from the left into Indiana and made a lot more sense than what it does now.

Courtesy Doug Kerr.

For reasons unknown, US 30 heads around the north and east of Plainfield, while the original Lincoln Highway went right through the middle. Never fear, IL 126 comes in off old US 66 and takes over for a few blocks. You'd think the meeting place of two such important highways would be more notable than a moderately sized river town that is now part of Chicago exurbia.

Naplate? I woke upearly so don'tmind if I do. LaSalle CR 34 EB by dawn.

Don't drive Water St. north out of East Dundee if you've got 36.65 tons under you. Only 36.64 will do.

Down to 8th St. in East St. Louis, one of the only places where I would discourage you from following in my tracks. Get it? Tracks? Because that's a railroad? The tall viaduct in the background is an approach to the now rail-only MacArthur Bridge, which once also carried US 66. Click that link to find out more about this hybrid structure.

A progression of street signs in Tonica.

Also old: Plain St. south of 5th St. in Peru (likely gone now) and a pharmacy exit on W. Main St. in Ottawa. You're welcome.

Highland Ave. WB over the Fox River in Elgin.

A more impressive and unusual bridge, Jackson St. in Joliet, across the Des Plaines River, looking southwest from Ottawa St. Jackson St. is US 6 to the east.

Looking west across the drawbridge.

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