Illinois Roads - IL 89/US 6

IL 89 and US 6/IL 89

Photos are generally southbound (US 6 EB) and all in Spring Valley.

How about some embossed signs for your pleasure? The rusty one requires trucks over 6,000 lb to use truck routes. The other rusty one prohibits truck parking. Okay, they're all rusty.

IL 89 NB, cracked but not rusty. The US 6 shield is dated 7-94, so we know the other signs are over 20 years old as of this 2014 photo.

Looking south from there, I spy a truss bridge. The Spring Valley Bridge lived from 1934-2018. R.I.P.

Side views from the north shore.

Across the bridge and the Illinois River.

Onto US 6 alone

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