Illinois Roads - IL 71

IL 71 WB turns into I-180 as it ends at IL 26. The "I" bars seem unnecessary.

Standard is actually a town, not an oil company. These photos are WB.

3-digit routes deserve 3-digit shields.

3-digit routes deserve to not begin multiplexed with IL 71, but we'll have to move past that. I can't move past this being a Junction since I'm on both routes, so it should just be an advance warning of their split. I also can't move past the mixed-case state name. Just go to a plain rectangle if you're going to do that.

Just east of there, what I think was a railroad loading dock is north of IL 71 along the Vermilion River.

Walnut St. EB in Oglesby at Ed Hand Highway, which becomes LaSalle CR 23 outside town and meets IL 71 shortly after.

For some reason, an old trolley marks the entrance to Starved Rock State Park, home of the 2014 Starved Rock Road Meet, as does a plaque with what is either an eagle or an owl.

IL 23 SB features an incorrectly proportioned IL 71 shield.

23 and 71 join to cross the Illinois River and then separate. Notice that it's now JCT instead of JUNCTION, but it should not be either in this case since I am on them. I find it curious all of these signs need to be overhead on a relatively modest-traffic, low-speed road. And I find their design even curiouser.

The 1898 Ottawa Rail Bridge is just west of IL 23/71's crossing, so enjoy views of it and its improved 1932 lift span.

This is not an actual airplane wreckage, but an art installation by E. 25th Rd. near Norway dedicated to farmers who survived an "ag crash." Probably not the most apt choice.

Continuing east toward Yorkville by morning. Most clearance signs are vertical.

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