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IL 6

So is this Exit 0 or is this just Exits A-B? Why is 0B after 0A heading south? Why is there an airplane on top of I-474, as if the airport leads to the Interstate? Why is "1/2" so tiny? hy is there a strange blank space on the park sign? Okay, the last one I can answer: it was a state park from 2001-2013. But only then. Not before, not after. It's private again.

IL 6 NB at its Exit 9 stub, where it is likely to always end. Although planned for a northward extension as far as I-180, there seems to be no need, especially with the closure of the steel plant that was the cause of constructing 180 in the first place and would have been the only economic generator to justify an IL 6 extension. Why are there Dead End signs here if there's no way to drive onto the stub?

The mostly complete ramp from the IL 29 connector to IL 6 NB breaks off here, paved most of the way to the NB mainline.

Looking back at the merge of the unused SB offramp into the NB side.

More of the SB offramp as I run alongside it on what's become IL 6 SB.

Let's poke around some more. I'm now heading north up the unused IL 6 SB mainline stub.

This was to have been the diverge point of the SB loop ramp.

I could drive this right back up into the IL 29 connector. I'm surprised the ramp sign was erected without a plan to finish the freeway. Small signs are really easy to erect, and the large signs that actually take work never happened. (Or any other small signs.)

What would have been IL 6 NB.

Back south toward where IL 6 is now forced to exit itself.

Back in my car and south to the open road. Heights Tower in Peoria marks the way.

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