Illinois Roads - IL 390/Elgin-O'Hare Expwy.

(now IL 390)

This page progresses westbound, because that was the order both Doug Kerr and I traveled. Thanks to Doug for initially supplying this page with photos, including the one above on Wright Blvd.

Identical WB and EB signs at the eastern end of the Elgin-O'Hare Expwy., which transitions into Thorndale Ave. here. The Expressway reaches neither Elgin nor O'Hare Airport, but recently approved plans will at least satisfy the latter half of its name, and will also remove the traffic signals at Rohlwing Rd. (IL 53) and the I-290 exit ramps. The original plan was probably to connect the expressway into I-190 on the east side of the airport, but the new plan will build a tollway ring road around the west, from I-294 to I-90.

There are no left turns from either direction of Elgin-O'Hare Expwy. at IL 53. Westbound traffic has to use the next exit and U-turn. The first photo is courtesy Doug Kerr, and the last is on the exit ramp. Illinois' older assemblies used the same number of signs for balance, even when one of the signs ended up blank.

Heading eastbound, the proxy for the left turn is just to get onto I-290, since IL 53 NB will join it in a mile. Unspoken is that local left turns need to have used the previous exit on Elgin-O'Hare or must backtrack at I-290 Exit 4.

A WB run of button copy, and on down the Wright Blvd. ramp. The ramp sign leaves a blank space between "TO" and "WEST" that could possibly fit an IL 390 shield, but I'm not sure whether that was the intent or not - given the age of this 2012 photo, probably not. (IL 390 was designated later when the Toll Highway Authority took over the proposed extension, and while the notion could have been to leave room for some shield, no other signs reflect that philosophy.)

While I'm paused, have all of the eastbound button copy I was able to capture into the morning sun. Irving Park Rd. is IL 19, so the "TO" isn't necessary, but the shield should be on the sign instead of attached to the pole.

Continuing west to the probably-permanent end of the road. US 20 was built with a full overpass, and only the EB half is used, by a bastardized ramp from US 20 EB that would have to be ripped out if the freeway were ever extended. Because the EB ramp is on the mainline, only the WB side has a stub. There is currently an EB stub near IL 53, where the mainline inexplicably swings out of its path and back in next to the WB side, but that will be removed by the upcoming project.

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