Illinois Roads - IL 31

All but one of the photos are northbound.

I caught major work at the US 30 interchange but I'm not sure what. It wasn't the Fox River bridge. Maybe just replacing the intersection overpasses and some pavement reconstruction? The ramp to US 30 WB to Sugar Grove was closed as part of it.

A look back west and two looks back east, and then construction continues along IL 31 to widen it to 5 lanes (center turn lane) north of US 30 as far as...

This. This railroad bridge was not redone and the road remains 2 lanes north of it.

You found the one southbound photo! It's in North Aurora and it takes you into Mooseheart Medical Center, not the guts of an Alces alces. Very odd to be configured as a standard warning sign.

Welcome to Batavia, especially if you're a signal fan. These were at Batavia Ave. (IL 31) and Main St. until between 2014 and 2017. This is all the NE corner.

And this is the NW corner. Here you see they're classic Eagle signals.

Leaving Batavia under a railroad, then up to Elgin where there's one paralleling IL 31, crossing Chicago St. just to the west in the last photo. Chicago St. becomes IL 19 EB to the east.

The first photo is at Mountain St. in Elgin. IL 31 follows the west side of the Fox River, and IL 25 follows the east side. IL 31 is longer and has more of these cool fox shields.

Illinois likes to build its assemblies to the same height, using blank banners where "necessary," but it's not remotely necessary here because straight ahead is NORTH. It's even more of a waste than usual because they would have to come back and replace it. (I say "would" because I'm quite sure they don't care enough about this trivial error to bother.)

There's plenty other warning that IL 31 turns, but it amuses me that the route you're on suddenly stepping out from under you takes second billing.

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