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IL 29

Old US 66 joins Business I-55 on Peoria Road in Springfield. Of these routes, only IL 29 goes to Peoria, but it turns off while the others stay on. The "main road" to Peoria is a pair of decommissioned routes: US 66 to IL 121.

IL 29 SB joins US 136 WB for a brief visit.

NB nearing Pekin. The squared NE corner of the bridge is structurally useless.

IL 29 NB now picks up US 24 EB at this interchange, but 24 stayed on the west side of the river into Peoria when I was there.

IL 29 SB and now US 24 WB in the suburb of Creve Coeur, which means "heartbreak." Someone must have been heartbroken after slaying only 5/6 of a dragon, and memorialized it in motel form.

Across the Illinois River, looking south at a railroad bridge and north at I-74. IL 29 was since removed from this bridge and rerouted up to said I-74. This doesn't do a whole lot for the state, but also removing US 24 from downtown took a few miles of city streets out of their jurisdiction.

Though short, IL 8-116 is up there with MD 2-4 and US 1-9 in being signed with a single shield. This is now just Washington St. SB.

This former Pittsburgh Steel affiliate sits on the northeast corner of Washington St. at Cedar St./IL 8-116.

The persimmon flies at midnight. Replace the word "persimmon" with "your mom" and chuckle mightily. Actually, this is on Persimmon St. heading east from Washington St., which was IL 29 in Peoria until 2012. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

Washington St. SB, which was then both of those routes, now neither of them. I wonder if the (Western Branch) Lincoln Heritage Trail was also rerouted.

IL 29 NB/US 24 EB turned left onto Hamilton Blvd., briefly putting US 24 the wrong direction, and the I-74 Murray Baker Bridge over the Illinois River is visible to the southeast.

Hamilton Blvd. EB (southeast, really) at Washington St. I left the US 24 and IL 29 shields in there so that these can be considered historical photos. The Lincoln Heritage Trail shield also appears to be historical, as it's a much lighter shade than the next one down Washington St.

Still signed in 2014, the NB/EB side of the one-way pair extending Washington St. north.

The buildings of Jefferson St., IL 29 SB and formerly US 24 WB. The railroad crosses diagonally at Hayward St., an abandoned line with most of the tracks pulled up.

SB in Peoria Heights, approaching the US 150 (and formerly US 24) McClugage Bridge. US 24 continues east from the bridge, while US 150 turns south, but now both of them share space with IL 116 along the east shore of the Illinois River. In 6.33 miles, IL 29 will enter a new county - or now sooner, since that mileage was based on using the IL 8/116 bridge. Don't know if the mileposts have been replaced.

This SB sign is mostly okay, but "To" should be all caps and why are the shields different colors?

You must be this tall (and wide) to enter Chillicothe. A relic of 1920s-era state highways.

Heading north from Henry, IL 29 picks up IL 26 and lets it go here. Not JCT, just a split. I'm tired of Illinois misusing Junction signs. IL 26 can have the trails, I'm done with it.

South of DePue, you may want to head west on 1185N, which takes you onto this former alignment of IL 29 on 2600E. These photos face south where it was cut off, but the stretch on the other side is also part of historic 29.

2600E north, or Old Rte 29 per streetblade, until the route curves 90 degrees onto 1245N and 2600E dead ends to the north. This and another 90 degree curve south of the stub end I showed you before are the reason that IL 29 was realigned in the 1970s.

1245N EB until old IL 29 gets back to the modern alignment.

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