Illinois Roads - IL 251

IL 251 (former US 51)

IL 17 WB and IL 251 SB junction each other while multiplexed, violating causality and opening an interdimensional portal.

This is the most "former US 51" you can get, the concrete remnant of the old highway heading south near Wenona until it's absorbed by the modern I-39 that now carries 51. There's a corresponding scar on the south side of town where IL 251 now comes to a "T" but US 51 used to feed into the bypass that led to this point. Of course, 51 originally went through town with no bypass.

Windmills in the western distance.

The oldest of Tonica signs, the first at Pontiac St. They may date to the US 51 days.

This time it's a valid junction, heading north, but the route shields should not use mixed case.

In the SB direction I threw in a normal shield, though I have an affinity for narrow shields so I don't want to call them wrong.

The Starved Rock Road Meet stopped in Peru to view the 1958 Peru Bridge that carries IL 251 and formerly US 51, which used what's now IL 351 until then. This view looks south across US 6 from Plain St.

These views look east from the Illinois River waterfront.

And these views look south from crossing the bridge.

NJ-style shields on IL 251 SB just before the bridge. If you're adventurous, you could try walking along the overpass and taking them with you. They should either be full size signs or not mounted overhead.

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