Illinois Roads - IL 25

The above is on Villa St. WB in Elgin, former US 20.

Starting off north in Oswego along the east side of the Fox River.

Passing by the Mill Street bridge in Montgomery, NB. IL 25 follows the Fox as far as St. Charles, and stays close the rest of the way.

The north side of South Broadway Park in Montgomery is bounded by a former railroad line, which crosses the Fox on this trestle.

It's now a path, so I shall cross it.

Northward view of the Fox River.

Heading back east to IL 25. I could have continued west to IL 31, the west bank's equivalent to IL 25.

Entering downtown Aurora, IL 25 NB (still South Broadway, since Montgomery is the next town to the south) heads under the BNSF line. East of here, it provides passenger service from Aurora to Union Station in Chicago. Union Pacific operates a few other radial lines with passenger trains.

Meow. Woof? Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

IL 25 SB follows a maze through Elgin. Its last turn takes it west in South Elgin and CR 19 begins ahead on Dunham Rd. The traffic signal is nowhere near MUTCD compliant, the first US 20 shield is way off, and the next assembly doesn't need the blank sign.

Where IL 25 NB turns right off Saint Charles St., this 1938 Chevy Fleetmaster and 1939 Buick were parked ahead. Don't expect to see them there now.

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