Illinois Roads - IL 100

This has faded on the NB side bike path heading south toward Grafton.

The Brussels ferry is the southernmost crossing of the Illinois River, which IL 100 is now following. 100 is still the closest through route to the Mississippi, so it's still the Great River Road.

It's also this, in that general vicinity, though the Illinois isn't usually in a conversation of great rivers. (Especially now that half the truss bridges have been demolished.)

SB/EB photos from the concurrency that defines the beginning of IL 16, which has no reason to begin before it leaves IL 100. Considering the turnoff to Eldred heads north while IL 100 just came from the west side of the river, I think straight ahead is the main road and not the western branch, and the last photo supports that.

Open coal mine around Eldred, looking east from near the bridge I'm about to show you.

Looking north from Hardin, this is naturally the Hardin Bridge, built in 1930 and the southernmost fixed crossing of the Illinois River. IL 16 begins on the west side.

Looking south from there.

All the closeups from that vantage, featuring the lift mechanisms and the cute bridgetender hut.

Drive east across the bridge with me, renamed for local Joe Page sometime after he died in 1938.

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