Illinois Roads - IL 1

IL 1

Illinois has a habit of making its assemblies symmetrical, leading to wastes of blank signs. IL 394 ends at the next intersection to the south; when 394 was built here, IL 1 was curved in to meet it at a T, abandoning the original road north of Goodenow Rd. as a dead end. Where IL 1 deviates from its old alignment, as a 4-lane divided highway, it's also IL 394. I understand the rationale, but I maintain that IL 394 should end at 1 for continuity's sake - if not legally, at least in signage.

SB over the Little Calumet River, leaving Chicago for Riverdale.

Vermont Ave. WB just north of that bridge. In the Chicago area, shields have street names below them, especially older assemblies. This is among the oldest left.

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