Illinois Roads - I-94

I-94: Edens Expwy., Tri-State Tollway

All photos are westbound after the first one.

It's pretty obvious that this is eastbound. It's on I-80 as well as I-94, but US 6 gets the first mention in grand cutout style. Usually US highways aren't signed at all on Interstates in Illinois.

Over the Little Calumet River, heading due north for all of these photos. IDOT likes to list freeway names on Chicago-area signs in small letters, but this is redundant overkill. "Via State St" is in the same-size text and thus also useless.

Remaining photos are courtesy Doug Kerr, from 2006.

Two out of the three photos don't just have button copy, but they also have previous-generation shields. There will be a couple more of them with larger numerals (which have an older font) and letters.

Now an exit number, because US 41 has joined I-94 and the Tri-State Tollway has ended because of it (since US highways cannot follow toll roads).


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