Illinois Roads - I-90

I-90: Northwest Tollway/Chicago Skyway

Why does the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority use fractional mileposts instead of decimals? It's unique, but weird. I'm less tolerant of their use of Clearview.

Dupage CR 8, North York Road and Elmhurst Road, NB courtesy Doug Kerr. I think they're all old. "TOLL" banners are now black on yellow, so as not to blend in and trick people.

WB after the Kennedy Expressway has ended at the split with I-190 (the road into the airport), also from Doug. The bad button copy is for NORTH TRI-STATE, and leaves off TOLLWAY.

Miscellaneous sign text and an old railroad overpass near Milwaukee Ave., eastbound. Chicago's freeway names are listed below freeway directions, but in an inscrutably small font. Streets get their block numbers listed, but I'd argue "6400 W" is a much less confusing sign message, even if slightly less precise.

The second-prettiest Skyway I know, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

My own photos, from Avenue M southbound.


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