Illinois Roads - I-90/94 EB

I-90/I-94 eastbound

That last one is over the reversible center lanes. Anything with an exit number is over the main, outer, local lanes.

The last sign is nearing the end of the express lanes, and it's not your eyes, the frame is indeed bent. Ohio St. will take that traffic north of downtown, where they can filter into parking lots or the top or bottom levels of the street network (downtown is layered 2-3 levels deep), or they can chance mainline traffic and go another few exits.

Downtown gets kind of crazy with the exits - there's one every block for six consecutive streets. It helps to distribute downtown traffic, but makes a mess of freeway traffic. The "Chicago Loop" destination is greened out on the last sign because of a Congress Pkwy. closure for reconstruction.

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Exit 45A to Addison St.
Exits 51H-I to I-290
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