Illinois Roads - I-88


All photos on the mainline are eastbound and courtesy Doug Kerr.

The new style (sans button-copy) is in response to the pointlessness of having a white frame around the SOUTH in the old style (albeit with button-copy).

Not eastbound, not courtesy Doug Kerr, looking south from Oakwood Dr. in Aurora at I-88's Fox River bridge.

Now on the east side, Grant St. WB curls under the bridge. The WB side (right in the 5th photo) reuses the original 1958 piers, but both spans are new as of 2010. The old arch had vertical members along the arch in the classic style.

Back south on Grant St.

In Illinois, exact change isn't enough. You need THE exact coin for that toll. Good luck finding the 65-cent piece, buddy. Yes, the TO was tacked on later.

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