Illinois Roads - I-70/I-55

I-70 and I-55/70

Some views of the brand-new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge heading east from MO during the 2014 St. Louis Road Meet. The cables look like whiskers as they gently curve from the tower - wait, why aren't they taut? I also give you a closeup of the cable wrapping with a nice gap to let in moisture. That's a joke. (I hope.)

Click for a westbound journey along the new I-70 freeway connecting into the Stan Musial Bridge.

I will note here that I-55 does not head east.

Older signs on I-70 WB/I-55 SB as they prepare to pick up I-64 and US 40 (pre-2014), courtesy Chris Pangilinan. With the completion of the Stan Musial Bridge, I-70 now leaves at Exit 2 and shunts some traffic away from the Poplar St. Bridge bottleneck.

There are two things going on here. First, Interstate 270 is a wretched control city. The top line should be I-255 to I-270 (shields), and then just pick anything. I-255 becomes IL 255 and heads to Alton. Pick Alton. I don't care. Second, this beautiful but strange bridge is Fairmont Ave. I can't fathom why this was the chosen structural solution, but it looks cool and unique so I won't question it.

A WB view (with I-55 SB).

These shields are on the left and right of the EB Exit 11 ramp. I boxed the one on the right to show you what they both should look like.

IL 33 EB in Effingham, taken by Michael Summa in 1982.

In terms of modern photos, I have nothing interesting from Exit 11 until this railroad a few miles from Indiana, EB.

Onto I-55 alone
Exit 2 to I-64 and I-55/64/former I-70

Into Missouri on I-70
Into Indiana on I-70
Exit 2 to IL 3
Exit 10 to I-255
Exit 10 to Interstate 270
Exit 11 to IL 157
Onto I-57
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