Illinois Roads - I-55 - Arsenal Rd.

I-55/Arsenal Rd. (Exit 245)

The existing Arsenal Road interchange was a simple folded diamond on the south side of the Des Plaines River. This was causing issues for the increasing number of trucks heading to the nearby intermodal yards, not to mention Dow Chemical and other industries, so IDOT built a new interchange farther south. Similar to a "paper clip," it's almost like a trumpet interchange feeding into the east frontage road, except there's no loop to head SB on I-55; the west frontage road heads straight into a slip ramp. Arsenal Rd. was realigned straight into the east frontage road to streamline access.

Looking west from the rerouted east frontage road at interchange construction. The concrete in the foreground comprises two roadways: the near roadway is the combination of NB and SB offramps, and the far roadway is the NB onramp.

With the new interchange roadway in the foreground, the background now includes ramps. The loop onto I-55 NB is on the near side of traffic, and the SB flyover exit is taking shape in the far back. The crane is in place to begin erecting the overpass.

The Joliet Road Meet continued past the interchange. The ramps were being poured linearly; instead of progressing the full width of the ramp, it was done in thirds, and the last third has no concrete yet in these photos.

Now the view heading north on the west frontage road. The first photo shows the future NB offramp on the right, and the rest show the embankment for the SB offramp (background) and concrete for the onramp (foreground).

From this vantage, it's apparent that there's more than just a crane in the median. Steel piles have already been driven on the east side of I-55.

The west frontage road comes to a "T" at itself. To the right is the new SB onramp, which will feed straight in from the road to the left to get trucks onto the freeway.

The retaining wall will hold back the SB flyover exit, wedged between I-55 SB and the west frontage road.

It looks like a young boy's ultimate sandbox (for young boys who like playing with construction equipment), but these piles will coalesce into a ramp. (P.S.: If you are or have a girl who likes playing with construction equipment, you (and she) are awesome.)

The then-beginning of Arsenal Rd., heading east from the west frontage road at the SB folded diamond ramps.

Now onto I-55, looking north past Arsenal Rd. at the Des Plaines River Bridge.

This sign disappeared once the old exit closed, and there was much rejoicing.

Arsenal Rd. is on the old bridge in the background. The new bridge will carry the west frontage road over I-55 from the east frontage.

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