Illinois Roads - I-474


Some states call the last exit "0." Some call it "1" and fudge the numbering for the first two miles. But inevitably, if the rest of the road has exit numbering, a lack of number at the end signifies an error. Well, not in this case, as the newer Clearview signs still have just letters.

Westbound across the Illinois River during construction, before gaining US 24 as a partner. When I was there, US 24 still went through the city before crossing at US 150, but now it uses I-474 to bypass the city to the east.

The other end of I-474, EB past Texas-size shields to a unique bridge style that characterizes I-74 on the east side of Peoria (see link below for another). The 474 EB-74 WB ramp crosses I-74 and cloverleafs under itself to merge. If I-474 were to be extended to the north, this interchange configuration is ideal for doing so, but the lack of stubs suggests this was a compromise to minimize land acquisition with the knowledge that an EB-WB ramp would have little traffic. I also see no reason to give Peoria a full beltway.

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