Illinois Roads - I-355

I-355, North-South Tollway

Newly extended south from I-55 to I-80, I-355 has but one interesting guide sign in that stretch, and only because it's a distance sign with no destinations.

The new NB bridge across the Des Plaines River, or maybe DesPlaines, because I see about half a space between the 'D' and 'P' both times it's written. I think the spaces migrated to between the 'I' and 'l' of Illinois.

An unfortunate Illinois Tollway standard, mileposts are fractional instead of decimal.

Once seen by traffic from I-355 SB to I-55 SB, this I-55 SB C-D road now collects and distributes traffic from I-355 NB, since the original trumpet interchange became an agglomeration of ramps with the southern extension of I-355 by about a dozen miles.

Remaining photos are courtesy Doug Kerr except for two I'll identify.

All northbound, the last two photos are on a C-D road that combines I-355 traffic exiting to IL 56 with I-88 traffic heading to either 355 or 56. While I-355 is busy interchanging with I-88 (ooh, baby), it forms the second instance in the Chicago area of two major freeways paralleling each other very closely for about a mile. Find the other ones yourself.

Turned around southbound for a second.

Continuing NB, there's that Exact Coin again. I think I've solved the mystery, but I've never called Illinois to request Exact Coins before so it's possible they have a different idea of what that means. All I'm gonna say is, be careful if you try to give them more than one coin at a time.

The latter two photos are courtesy HNTB Corporation, not Doug, and all are still northbound.

The last photo on this page is one of the only southbound ones.

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