Illinois Roads - I-/IL 255

I-255 and IL 255

How not to sign, in two easy NB lessons. First, make sure your sign is on the same side of the wall as your highway. Second, design your sign to make the best use of the available space. Do list a destination that is an actual place if your highway goes anywhere. (In this case, I-255 certainly goes past I-270.) Do capitalize where appropriate ("TO"). Do not put your arrows 3 feet above the bottom of the sign.

Looking west as I-255 ends (at I-270) and IL 255 begins.

Fosterburg Rd. is Exit 13. IL 255 does go there, but it was extended to Seminary Rd. at Exit 16 when I was there in 2012. Godfrey is the likely destination being covered, which is why it was not uncovered for that intermediate stage, but the truly best solution is to just cover the destination entirely as long as the road is unfinished. While we're here, notice that the exit numbers reset at I-270 even though the number is carried through.

The 2012 end of IL 255 at Seminary Rd. It's now complete to US 67, the end of the road.

Looking northwest from Seminary Rd. at the future NB onramp and SB offramp, respectively.

The destination from Seminary Rd. heading west is again I-270. Didn't I-255 teach you anything, IDOT? Show St. Louis, Collinsville, East St. Louis, even Mehlville, MO. I don't care, just pick something that's not a highway that isn't even the terminus of this road.

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