Illinois Roads - I-190

EB leaving the airport at Bessie Coleman Dr., and narrow shields NB on that road. The lack of standards would likely mean all of these signs were erected by O'Hare. The ramp continues straight and feeds into US 12/45, eliminating the former EB-SB ramp at the actual US 12/45 interchange that must have caused weaving problems with the Bessie Coleman EB onramp. At the same time, though, the WB weave between the two exits remains, so how bad could it really have been?

River Road SB at I-190 Exit 1, with some very poorly put-together signs that might be airport-erected instead of by IDOT. Notice how well I-190 is signed for such a short freeway that really doesn't need a number at all to serve its purpose.

Life isn't complete without button copy, so I found some for you WB.

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