Illinois Roads - I-180


All photos are northbound.

IL 71 WB ends at the IL 26 interchange and I-180 magically begins. It's even more magical if you consider that I-180 is a completely useless highway built to serve a steel plant that closed almost immediately after it opened and sees less traffic than many rural 2-lane road.

IL 26 uses the opportunity for a free ride across the Illinois River. The only reason there's another car in this photo is because we were on a road meet. I think our cars outnumbered the rest of the traffic we passed along the 12-mile drive.

As if all that freeway wasn't enough, there's an overpowered spur heading south into IL 29 toward Peoria with a giant wye interchange. This could have been a T intersection with the trafic it sees. The wide shield is as the ramp diverges.

From a wide shield to a narrow shield to no shields at all. Highways shouldn't be destinations, but I-180 really doesn't go anywhere so I guess this will do.

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