Illinois Roads - Division St., Chicago

Division Street, Chicago

The eastern Goose Island Division St. bridge, looking northwest from Halsted St.

Before I get to the bridge, let's pause at this historically significant shield. (Click for a closeup.) Illinois stopped using the state name in Interstate shields decades ago, so this is one of the only specimens left. It's also to the original 1957 shield specifications. As notable as these features are what's not featured here: an I-90 shield. This shield predates the I-90/94 concurrency along the Kennedy Expwy., as 90 used what's now I-290 to leave town. Not for lack of completion of the Illinois Tollway, and not to reduce the toll for through traffic, that's just how the original route went, and the Tollway from 290 to 94 was unnumbered.

Okay, back to the bridge, heading west. The ornamentation (excluding the birds, which are live animals) looks for all the world like upside-down New York subway tokens from years ago (the "Y" in "NYC" was punched out).

The western Goose Island bridge is similar but different.

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