Illinois/Missouri Roads - US 66 - Chain of Rocks Br.

Chain of Rocks Bridge, former US 66

Unusually, this bridge was built privately, and tolled at the outset. It was given over to Madison, IL, but the toll remained even after Bypass US 66 was routed this way. Regular US 66 (or Business, or City, depending on the source) continued to use various bridges in St. Louis. In the same year (1966), the toll was lifted and the new I-270 bridge was built just to the north. US 66 Bypass moved onto it, and this bridge was closed to vehicles in 1970.

Looking south at the Chain of Rocks. What, you don't see any rocks? They're covered by the water thanks to a US Army Corps of Engineers dam.

Bridge approach and Chain of Rocks Canal span

Mississippi River main span

Combination lighthouses and water intake towers on the south side of the bridge, when the river served as a water supply for St. Louis. (Don't drink this river water, I beg you.) The reason there are lighthouses in the middle of the river is that before the dam was built and there were indeed chains of rocks, the towers marked the navigational channel down the middle of the river. The date on the western tower says 1891, and I have another source that says 1894, but I'm inclined to agree with what I see set in stone.

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