Illinois Roads - Calumet River bridges

Calumet River bridges

100th St. WB., and a look north at the next crossing, the Chicago Skyway (I-90).

East on 106th St.

Looking north from 126th St. at the Torrence Ave. bridge, which was in a permanently raised position for reconstruction. Torrence uses the bridge on the left, and the bridge on the right is a former railroad bridge that was converted into a road bridge to transport materials and equipment around the job site. Sadly, although very drivable, it was not open to the public.

Heading south on Torrence Ave., its next crossing is open. This is the Grand Calumet River, which separates from the Little Calumet and heads east to Indiana. This is not the only road to cross parts of the Calumet twice (US 41, and multiple times on I-90), but it's the only one with two interesting bridges and the only one that crosses twice in Illinois.

Indiana Ave. NB over the Little Calumet in the southern reaches of Chicago.

The next crossing to the west is a quadruple rail truss carrying freight trunklines and the Metra Electric passenger line.

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