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Starting on the east side, getting the non-bridge photos out of the way, this is a restored Lincoln Highway Shelter, constructed by the Aurora Automobile Club in 1923 as a campsite for long-distance motorists. (Chicago seems like a better place to stop, but that's just me.) It's found along Hill Ave., former US 30, on the west side by what's now the golf course entrance (first two photos NB and SB respectively). The water pump and furnaces all work, so in theory you could still shelter here, if not for park hours and stray golf balls.

I said former US 30, right? Still applies.

Galena Blvd., old US 30 in central Aurora, looking east from Broadway (IL 25) at a railroad overpass in the center of downtown and then ending up looking south underneath it. Galena Blvd. is now eastbound-only, with New York St. forming the WB pair. I believe New York St. was originally US 32, which was absorbed into US 34, which also bypasses the city to the south now. If it was ever 32, it became IL 65 for a number of years starting in the 1930s.

Looking west from there where Galena Blvd. crosses the eastern half of the Fox River to Stolp Island, and north at the eastern New York St. bridge. The island is four blocks long, and all four blocks cross both halves of the river. Where the only north-south street, Stolp Ave., intersects Galena Blvd. is where the street grid divides into N, S, E, and W.

To the south, the next bridge is Downer Place, but that has been ripped out for reconstruction, so you can see Benton St. beyond it.

Continuing to the western Galena Blvd. bridge, and looking south at the western Benton St. bridge and where the Downer Pl. bridge would go.

Looking south at the western Galena Blvd. bridge from the path along the west shore of the Fox River. The bridges have street names to assist boats and quite likely river-walk pedestrians.

Walking north toward the western New York St. bridge. The Fox River is looking quite foxy this spring. Both sides of the island are dammed, but only the western side has a fish ladder.

There's a covered pedestrian bridge between Galena and New York on the west side of Stolp Island, and these photos look north and south from it, respectively. The "Road Construction Ahead" sign takes providing road signs for boats beyond cute to dumb. Boaters need boat-appropriate signs and markers.

Walking west from Stolp Island across the river on the western New York St. bridge. As you'll soon see, "Memorial Bridge" refers to both NY St. structures together.

Walking back east onto the island, there are some interesting plaques on both sides of the road, which you can see at the Non-Roads page linked below. Like Galena Blvd., this was once a two-way avenue.

Looking south from the eastern New York St./Memorial Bridge, there's Galena Blvd., a missing Downer Pl., and Benton St.

Having completed my crossing, I look at the statues and plaques on the north and south railings.

Two last westward views of the eastern New York St. bridge.

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