IL/IA Roads - Arsenal Br.

Arsenal Bridge, Davenport-Rock Island

2nd St. EB in Davenport approaching the north end of the bridge. It goes to Arsenal Island, the original island for which Rock Island is named, and of course the home of a government arsenal. Interestingly, the arsenal part of the island is in Rock Island Township, but not Rock Island City. The city and the township overlap, but confusingly, each has land outside the boundaries of the other. This is because cities incorporate within townships, but are not limited to the boundaries of the township when they annex land. The eastern part of the Mississippi River island is in Moline Twp., about the only part of that township outside Moline City (but the city extends far beyond the township).

Arsenal Bridge is mostly about the railroad crossing. This is one of the approach trusses, looking north along Iowa St.

Heading SB across the lower level.

Mississippi River Lock and Dam #15 is just west/downstream of the bridge. There are more lock and dam components on the south side of the island, farther east.

Another army plaque is hiding on the beginning of the last large SB bridge truss.

A glimpse of the US 67 Centennial Bridge to the west.

Looking north from the island and heading back toward Iowa. Click on the last image for a video drive.

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