Illinois Roads - Addison St., Chicago

Addison Street, Chicago

First, we'll cross EB under the Brown Line.

The Brown Line is a little low to the ground. This sign is WB.

The Green Line is a block east of the Brown and looks completely different.

A few minutes later, I'm at Wrigley Field with time to kill, so let's continue east under the Red and Purple Lines. The western tracks are new as of 1994, when the old Addison station was rebuilt from along the outer tracks to the inside where the old tracks ran. Red Line stops here and Purple bypasses on the outer tracks.

A look west.

Looking south under the western and eastern tracks, respectively. The west side is over a back alley serving Sheffield Ave. driveways. The east side dates to the beginning of the Northwestern Elevated Railroad in 1900.

Finishing my walk at the fancy brick plaza on the northeast corner of the bridge.

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