Idaho Roads - US 91

All photos courtesy Doug Kerr, all but the first one southbound.

Utah's quota for sending trucks into Idaho is 26,000, and only 10,000 of them can be haulers. Those sound like decent daily numbers for total traffic on the road, and weekly or monthly truck traffic, but see, that's not specified. And if this refers to weight, that's not specified either. I could see Canadian truckers seeking out this highway so that they can weigh 26,000 kg instead of 26,000 lb. The only way to know is to remove the blackouts.

In downtown Preston, showing the new and old ways of signing historic routes (or perhaps right and wrong ways). The reversed shield seen here and again at the top of this page showed up in one of Michael Summa's I-84 photos, which is why I'm inclined to think old instead of wrong. Idaho is fairly consistent in signing its historic routes and not letting regular black shields slip in.

Further north but still on State St. in Preston, now is my chance to show the supplementary shield from the top of this page a little more clearly.

SB on 8th St. N. at the very top of Preston, where US 91 picks up the Pioneer Historic Byway from ID 34. It's interesting that ID 36 can duplex with historic highways without absorbing their historic nature. This is also a rare mistake from ITD (Idaho Transportation Dept.) - the US 91 shields should also be brown.

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