Idaho Roads - I-15


NB courtesy Doug Kerr. The tiny EAST is certainly an afterthought to the sign, but ID 40 never went further west than this highway.

Old shield, new shield, red and blue shield, courtesy Doug Kerr. In 1974, presumably about when this part of I-15 was complete, ID 40 was re-designated from its former location to this connection between US 91 at Downey and I-15. This road, whether Treasure Lane, County Road, or Woodland Road (can't find two sources that agree), was here before it became ID 40.

Older non-reflective signs on I-15 SB, courtesy Rich Piehl and taken in 2002. The first sign is arguably older, with its centered, non-cutout exit tab, though different sign contracts in the same year can yield different results.

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