Iowa Roads - US 61/52

US 61 and US 52/61

US 61 SB joins I-80 WB for a little bit to hop over to I-280, all in the name of bypassing Davenport. It still sends a Business Route tendril along the old route.

Speaking of which, this is US 67 NB, fresh across the Mississippi River from Illinois, looping off the bridge back south to meet Business US 61. I presume the shields are old enough to have been on 61 before it moved, since the reroute is newer than the Interstates it follows.

Brady St. at Kimberly Rd., US 61 (now Business) SB in Davenport, taken in 1976 by Michael Summa. Even back in the days when signs were pretty, the arrows weren't always quite right.

Looking north from there, now a one-way pair with Welcome Way to the west.

US 61 gets exit numbers north of Davenport on the modest freeways. These signs are SB down to Exit 123. Every I-80 interchange is numbered from the intersecting highway, and usually the numbering plaque is old.

Jumping up to Dubuque, where US 20 crosses the beautiful Julien Dubuque Bridge to the east. The first photo looks down a long downgrade on the US 52/61/151 NB approach.

More views, heading SB on US 61/151 just after US 52 joins them.

I just crossed the Mississippi River on US 61/151, but I want to cross back on that double arch. So I follow secret IA 946, the former US 52/61/151 that intersects US 20 instead of passing underneath it. These old buildings are on the left and right of the top half of 946 (the bottom half being south of US 20).

Looking north along the Mississippi as I leave Wisconsin.

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