Iowa Roads - US 52

US 52

Central Ave. in Dubuque, US 52/IA 3 SB/EB, but not US 61 or US 151. Those routes are coming up via the next left turn onto 9th St. (so the arrow should be a "left ahead" instead of a "straight").

IA 3 EB at and onto US 52. The Hiawatha Pioneer Trail was decommissioned several years ago, so any remaining signs are historical artifacts. They were indeed this color of dirt brown on neon green.

Perched on a lookout over the Mississippi River, panning from north to south with views of Wisconsin and a downstream dam.

US 52 SB follows US 18 EB for a little while to get closer to the Mississippi. US 18 gets tiny shields, though they would really only help maintenance crews at this size and frequency (1 per mile).

In Calmar.

NB passing what appears to be construction of a new gateway to Decorah on IA 9. It's the home of Luther College, which may be why this is happening.

SB from Minnesota. Iowa county routes are on a grid, so an "A" means you've encountered an east-west route at the top of the state. J's are at the bottom of the state, and then K through Z are north-south routes from west to east. This is the only state I know of where county routes, as a rule, absolutely never reset numbers across county borders.

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