Iowa Roads - US 20

US 20

I-380 and US 218 both have a multitude of different shields as one follows them, so have some narrow ones on US 20 EB, even on the detour sign. US 20 gets a separate sign because its detour route must necessarily diverge to head east instead of south, even though all three routes listed follow each other to the east for a few miles.

Old US 20, starting in Black Hawk County and progressing west past IA 297 (2nd photo) and Plaza Dr. (4th photo) to the north side of Waterloo.

Old signal head on Madison St. SB, then turning left onto old US 20 in downtown Manchester.

Across the magnificent Julien Dubuque Bridge from Iowa to Illinois.

The railroad span to the north swings open as I head east, probably its default state between train crossings (as opposed to opening it when a boat comes through, they close it when a train comes through, based on which type of vehicle has more traffic). Behind that is the US 61/US 151 Dubuque-Wisconsin Bridge, less magnificent and less well named.

Onto I-380 and US 20/I-380

Into Illinois on US 20
Exit 232 to US 218 and IA 27
Over to US 61
and Manchester Non-Roads
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