Iowa Roads - Old US 6

Old US 6, White Pole Road

All photos are westbound except one.

Hard to miss Dexter's downtown as long as the arrow's there, a common practice in the West for railroad towns where the connecting route followed the railroad and bypassed most of the town.

Unique US shield style at Dexfield Rd., and completely wrong, as it should be for I-80.

Into Stuart, where the old temple is a couple of blocks to the north.

The wrong road for Burma Shave, and too far east, but the fifth panel is "IOWA," so that's okay. If you're traveling former US highways, you deserve a little bonus. Most importantly, unlike in Arizona, the rhyme is correctly spread out over the first four signs, not all five.

The towns along White Pole Rd. help you track your route, but it's not so helpful to show the road ending in Adair when it actually continues all the way out to Council Bluffs. It's another nice gesture by Iowa to keep the poles painted.

Into Adair on one of the several brick sections of old US 6, 5th St., then my one EB photo on Broad St. as it approaches 5th St. US 6 turned left, while the road to the right continues south unnumbered, now intersecting I-80.

Interchange numbering helps me keep this junction separate from the one where this page started.

Pieces of wind farm and the ubiquitous white poles continue with my westward journey, to an iconic part of American history that 99.9% of travelers miss while whizzing by on the Interstate.

Nearing Anita, the beginning of IA 83 and the end of anything interesting for this page.

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