Iowa Roads - I-680

All photos are westbound. Even the one above.

Into a closed-loop rest area just east of I-29. The view down from the bluffs wasn't all that scenic, and I have no idea what's on the equally short circle drive (or Circle Dr.?).

Shields in the wrong places and shields of the wrong sizes, first leaving the rest area (on the ramp, could use an arrow), then on the exit carrying I-680 WB to I-29 SB (could at least use a "TO", but should also have an I-680 shield), then onto I-29 itself.

WB to the Mississippi River; although the state line is actually midspan, my photos stop here because the Nebraska sign is on this side of the bridge. Click on through below to experience the "good" life.

Into Nebraska on I-680
Onto I-29
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