Iowa Roads - I-380/US 218/IA 27/US 20

I-380, I-380/US 218, I-380/US 20 (all with IA 27)

The end of the route gets an exit number and a lot of old shields, including even the US 218 (left half of the Exit 0B assembly).

SB through Cedar Rapids, about to pick up US 218. I've seen a lot of cool shields along I-380, but these tiny ones take the strangeness cake. Perhaps "SOUTH" was an afterthough and required knocking out the old, regular-size shields. Looking east along the Cedar River, the bottom of the photo has the 1st Ave. (US 151) and 2nd Ave. Bridges to Mays Island.

A little larger, but still a strange shape, where I-380 leaves US 20. US 20 is a freeway for a significant distance on either side of Waterloo, begging the question why there's not an Interstate following it, or especially why I-380 leaves at Exit 232 (I-380 Exit 71) to end in Waterloo instead of continuing west to I-35 or beyond.

Evansdale Dr. NB and SB at Exit 68.

NB from there, with one more strange kind of shield (stretched 2-digit on the milepost). IA 27 follows the length of Avenue of the Saints in Iowa, a corridor from St. Louis to Minneapolis, and most of I-380 is convenient to that routing. (27 heads around the west side of Waterloo with IA 58 instead of sticking with I-380 onto US 218.)

I-380/IA 27 NB about to leave US 20 WB into Waterloo, courtesy Rich Piehl. Iowa apparently has had as many shield designs for US highways as for Interstates.

Onto US 218 and IA 27 alone
Onto US 20 alone

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