Iowa Roads - I-235

I'm just going to call these "Iowa-style reassurances." These are on Grand Ave. WB and Pennsylvania Ave. NB at their intersection, leading to I-235 Exit 8B.

Another, on University Ave. EB northwest of downtown, but minus the state name.

US 69 SB through I-235 Exit 9, then continuing down to Grand Ave., where, guess what, there's another Iowa-style reassurance for what must be an alternate rush-hour route. The first three photos are the left, right, and back of the same view.

Remaining photos are westbound on the mainline.

Approaching downtown, I-235 has a great view of the State Capitol.

Pedestrian arch over I-235, pedestrian arch over Des Moines River. The latter is the new Center St. Bridge to the south.

Older arches, hidden underneath the University Ave. bridge to the north, and thus only visible to pedestrians.

Clearly I-235 was reconstructed not too long ago through downtown, because the roadway is wide and has a whole bunch of arches. Even the Polk Blvd. overpass has arches - well, keep in mind it has sidewalks, so you can still consider them pedestrian arches.

Odd-shaped shield that snuck into the Polk Blvd. photo.

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