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Des Moines

Starting on the south side of downtown, looking east along a converted railroad bridge crossing the Des Moines River.

Looking north from there at the Court Ave. bridge.

Now looking south from Court Ave. (there's an active but boring railroad bridge south of the red one) and north at the Walnut St. bridge.

Court St. is so named because the municipal court is on the east side of the bridge. These photos look south from the Walnut St. bridge.

The next bridge north from Walnut, Locust St., similar in appearance to Walnut St.

You wouldn't even know I switched bridges, but these look south from Locust St. at Walnut St.

Looking north from the Locust St. bridge at the Grand Ave. bridge, and behind it the new Center St. pedestrian bridge. It has an arch shape, but the new bridge very much does not match the arches to its south.

Northeastward views of the Center St. bridge, a unique split design with a small glass viewing area built into part of the deck that you can stand your kids on to scare them.

Finally, returning downriver to just beyond the Raccoon River confluence, this is the Scott Ave. bridge in front of another (still active, in this case) railroad bridge.

Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't done with Des Moines bridges just yet. On the southeast side of the city, the Owens Covered Bridge sits on a secluded arm of Easter Lake in Yeader Creek Park.

Looking east from the bridge at that one arm of the lake. By the way, it's just before sunset, hence the pretty colors.

Not a bridge photo, for once, but you'll find a sign for the Dragoon Trail if you head east on Easter Lake Drive from the Owens Bridge, just as it curves into 36th St. If you're not there at sunset, you might even be able to see it. The trail follows the Des Moines River through the state, but this is the only sign I found in the namesake city.

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