Iowa Roads - 5th St., Adair

5th Street, Adair

SB leaving Adair. I've only seen interchanges numbered along I-80 (and very consistently, at that), but that's also the only Iowa freeway I've approached in a rural setting.

The friendliest, most helpful town ever, Adair greets you with so many smiles you feel like there must be a catch. But no, this is Iowa, everyone's actually this nice.

Back south over the historic railroad bridge. They're not even sad to see you go, just happy and hopeful for your return.

Melvin Memorial Park, conveniently labeled for your enjoyment, on the east side of the Broad St. intersection where US 6 once came into town. It even comes with an embossed sign!

Just outside the park entrance. It's old.

One last bridge view from the best angle of all, that being the side. (The western side; you can't see anything from the park.)

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