Hawai`i Roads - Maui


Both CR 365 SB. The first shield isn't as old as anything in the second assembly, but it's faring just as badly due to rainfall and the litle green things that come with it.

HI 311 SB at an unpopular museum, despite the subject matter. While the landfill isn't actually near the museum on Hansen Rd., the smoke bellowing out of the sugar mill tends to waft over the entire area in a choking haze. The valley to the southwest gets the worst of it, but it's not particularly pretty from the museum parking lot either. If you want to brave the air, I believe the museum is at least free. But next time you enjoy that Maui raw sugar, think about where it comes from.

Mill St. WB at what's now CR 330, demonstrating how 0's were added to secondary state highways in the 1960s (or in some cases like this, county-maintained). It seems unnecessary, but it helps tell tourists which routes they should stay on. This is among the last embossed shields left in the state (and judging from the rope, it won't be up too much longer), so please click for closeup. It probably dates from right around statehood.

HI 30 (Honoapi`ilani Highway)
HI 31 (Pi`ilani Highway)
CR 31
HI 32 and CR 320
HI 36 and 360 (Hana Highway)
HI 37 (Haleakala and Kula Highways)
HI 378 (Haleakala Highway)
HI 380 (Kuihelani Highway)
Maui Non-Roads

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