Hawai`i Roads - Kaua`i


HI 550 SB leaving Waimea Canyon and approaching Waimea.

CR 552 NB leaving HI 50 from Kekaha. The signal warning sign is as old as the signals, and about as useful. There is a truck crossing from one field to another that appears to still be active, but there is nowhere near the traffic level requiring a signal.

It would appear that CR 581 turns right on Ulu Street, merging into Kuhio Highway (HI 56), but I would sooner believe CR 581 continues straight on Kukui St. for that last block.

HI 50 (Kaumali`i Highway)
HI 51 (Kapule Highway)
HI 56 (Kuhio Highway)
CR 520
CR 530
HI 541
Waimea Canyon (HI 550)
HI 560 (Kuhio Highway)
HI 570
Kaua`i Non-Roads (including Waimea Canyon)

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