Hawai`i Roads - I-H201 (old HI 78)

(former HI 78), Moanalua Freeway

A lot of the signs for I-H201 still say HI 78, even newer signs. I won't call them out specifically in comments, but you'd think for an important rollout such as Hawai`i's first three-digit Interstate, HDOT would have made certain to put up all the new shields right away.

I'm going to call out HI 78 just this once, because it's on a Clearview sign. Clearview didn't even make it to Hawai`i until a year or two ago, so it's amazing that this sign was fabricated between that time and the designation of I-H201. I have to think HDOT knew 201 was coming and just dropped the ball on this sign.

Enjoy some button copy instead on the ramps around Exits 3 and 2. A good number of four-digit routes are located on O`ahu, none of which show up in the state maintenance logs (so I say they're county-maintained, but Oscar Voss says they are almost all state-maintained).

There is no Halawa Stadium. There is an Aloha Stadium near the neighborhood of Halawa, so maybe this sign should be left-justified to imply word association a little less. The I-H3 variable message sign right now says EXIT ONLY, but allows two lanes to continue to the Stadium for games.

Aloha Stadium in all its... glory? Even though it was built in 1975, there are already rust and maintenance issues with the Stadium - for example, the original operation of movable seats to accommodate different events was recently abandoned. The Hawai`i Warriors, NFL Pro Bowl, and any other event requiring a stadium in Hawai`i will have to wait for improvements, because the state really doesn't need another one, just one that works right.

A slightly clearer shot of the EXIT ONLY on the I-H3 sign - here I'm guessing the extra lane continues onto I-H201 from the stadium after events. Notice that this Clearview sign does have the bubbly I-H201 shield. I forgive Hawai`i its inability to copy the 3-digit shield properly, because they've never had to deal with it before.

Button copy from the Exit 2 ramps and intersections, third photo on Ala Napunani St. SB.

The offramp and onramp for Exit 3. The Exit 3 onramp is actually an elongated C-D road for I-H201, including the ramps serving Fort Shafter (Exit 4 on the WB side). By the time traffic gets a chance to get back onto I-H201, it's about to end.

The end. Middle St. flies over the top of I-H1 WB, which makes a low pass over I-H201 and thus merits a lot of dirty stripes. It's okay, because most trucks would use I-H1 anyway to serve the airport and harbor areas. The sign in the background before the next overpass is already on I-H1.
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