Hawai`i Roads - I-H2

A little bit of button copy left on these northbound BGS's.

Looking west toward Mililani in the mini-valley of Kipapa Stream.

Continuing north (onto the Exit 7 ramp) toward Wahiawa, the farthest into the interior of O`ahu that development reaches. Development of bedroom communities from here down to Honolulu (along with military installations such as Wheeler) led to the second of Hawai`i's Interstates. Wheeler AAF (Army Airfield) was an AFB until 1991, and was well known for being the takeoff site of fighter planes on December 7, 1941, doing their best to engage the Japanese airplanes coming from the west and minimize the damage to Pearl Harbor.

The best way to end a highway is of course with button copy. HI 99 originally followed HI 80 through Wahiawa but now heads west around it, so even though there are traffic signals on that stretch, the improved highway basically starts north of the first Honolulu suburb and feeds traffic via I-H2 straight into the city.

The only SB photo on this page; there's an Exit 9 sign preceding it for HI 99 but that's technically still on 99 itself. So follow the link below.

Exit 8 to HI 80
Exit 8 or straight onto HI 99
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