Hawai`i Roads - HI 99

Kamehameha Highway

The EB (was SB) end of HI 99 outside Hickam AFB and Honolulu Airport. HI 92 just began in the middle of Hickam.

The onramp from Moanalua Rd. to HI 99 EB includes a loop to the HI 78 freeway, which was recently redesignated I-H201. A good number of signs even on the freeway itself have yet to be patched over or replaced, so I can forgive one on a side street ramp.

HI 99 WB, with the wrong shield gone. Must have been glued on and not riveted.

Still no sign of I-H201 in the EB direction.

A rare chance for a four-digit county route to get signed, but so much is wrong here. All of the routes other than 7101 should have larger shields, and the arrows should all be consistently sized and located on the signs. The same kerning between letters should be used, and the shields should all be justified the same way against the text (notice that the I-H2 shield is bottom-justified and the others are top-justified). Finally, Kamehameha Highway continues straight as a long onramp to I-H1 and I-H2, eventually dropping the EB side, and to the left begins the Farrington Highway. After HI 99 leaves and the Kamehameha Highway restarts on the west side of the interchange, CR 7101 gives way to CR 7110 and then HI 93 begins. Notice that this is the point where HI 99 changes from east/west to north/south.

The northern beginning of I-H2 is right here, so technically HI 99 should not have an exit number as it leaves itself.

SB at Kunia Rd. outside Wahiawa. This was never HI 76 and never had a chance to be, because it was first HI 75 and later was downgraded as a secondary route to HI 750. Thanks to the realignment of what had been HI 760, HI 76 does connect directly into HI 750 at I-H1 outside Waipahu, but still all of these shields should be 750's. The second photo is a closeup of the right shield in the first photo.

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