Hawai`i Roads - HI 83

Kamehameha/Kahekili Highways

First photo is on HI 83 NB leading away from HI 61, and then the other two are from Kane`ohe Bay Drive WB in Kane`ohe. HI 83 leaves Kamehameha Highway at this point, running up Likelike Highway (which becomes HI 63) to Kahekili Highway and then bypassing downtown Kane`ohe and the bay area. This was done for capacity reasons; the old road (CR 830) is still pretty well traveled but only has one lane in each direction.

Skipping over the first 12 photos of Windward Coast scenery on the O`ahu page (linked at bottom), here are the ruins of the Kualoa Sugar Mill, just north of Mokoli`i Island.

One of the only places in the world you can see the same vowel three times in a row, plus the sign is old. You can also see how much the Hawaiians hate consonants and love `okina. (Well, the `okina is a consonant, technically.)

Assorted old bridges on the way to La`ie. Some of them like Kaipapau have the name stamped into the side - the bridges aren't named, but the creeks, streams, rivers, etc. are.

Skipping over the North Shore, here is a short old alignment of HI 83 in Hale`iwa, facing east. Originally HI 83 came straight in on this road, through town, and to a circle on the western side of town where HI 99 and 930 also ended (Weed Junction). When the Hale`iwa bypass was built, leaving the old alignment stub to the left in this photo, the old road was still HI 83, but then 83 was rerouted on the new bypass to flow directly into HI 99 and this now has no number.

How can this be a city AND county highway, you ask? Well, for one, Hawaiian cities don't have organized governments - everything is run by the county or state. So normally you wouldn't see the city at all, except in the special case of Honolulu County, it merged with the city government (even though most of the county is outside of the city), so its really the "City and County of Honolulu" - hence the sign.

Westbound across the Rainbow Bridge, or Anahulu Stream Bridge, constructed in 1921 by C & C (and since I apparently have only the second photo ever of that stamp, I don't know what that stands for). It's sufficiently historic that Honolulu County stepped up and thoroughly rehabilitated the bridge rather than replace it with a lesser structure.

The former WB end of HI 83, still with a shield marking it that's been out of date for several years. The HI 99 and 930 shields are old enough to even predate the HI 99 bypass of Hale`iwa, when it followed Kam (popular abbreviation for Kamehameha, even on signs) Highway straight into the circle and HI 83 took over. Prior to that, what's now 99 had been 82, which continued through the circle toward Mokuleia.

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