Hawai`i Roads - HI 80

Kamehameha Highway

HI 80 takes over the Kam Highway through Wahiawa while HI 99 heads around the west side. 99 comes back, says "Thank you," and 80 ends again. However, it once followed CR 801 and (former?) CR 803 to Waialua. The shield above is an error unfortunately becoming more common in Hawai`i: making the first letter in the directional banner twice as large as it should be and center-justified. Someone must have misread the MUTCD.

SB out of the rear windshield, button copy as I-H2 begins and HI 99 comes down from Wilikina Drive back to Kam Highway.

Older Wahiawa street sign, but I picked the best street for the photo.

NB across the North Fork of Kaukonahua Stream, which becomes part of Wahiawa Reservoir to the west.

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