Hawai`i Roads - HI 72

HI 72 now begins as the eastern continuation of I-H1, but H1 actually replaced large parts of 72. It ran west on the freeway, over what's now HI 98 (the last non-freeway section to be bypassed, and then along I-H201 to HI 99. When the western half of 72 was decommissioned, the two pieces that weren't part of H1 became the aforementioned 98, and the number that predated H201, HI 78.
The Koko Head crater looms over Hawai`i Kai, now the easternmost neighborhood of Honolulu.

Very fortuitously, the first two photos I took leaving Hawai`i Kai are directly linked to each other.

That would be Koko Head. I can't read the name of the bridge, but what's rare is that the bridge itself is named (i.e. with the word Bridge), as opposed to bearing the name of the river beneath. The date looks like 1931.

Halona Blowhole on Halona Point. The waves crash into lava tubes inside the rocks, then funnel through in a delayed reaction, get compressed, and shoot up in the air on the other side. Tides and currents play roles, too, so the strongest wave isn't always the biggest blow.

Makapu`u Beach, Turtle Island, and Rabbit Island. (The two islands are in the background of the first photo as well.) Turtle, a.k.a. Black Rock and technically called Kaohikaipu Island, is the closer one and vaguely resembles a turtle floating in the water. Obviously, Rabbit Island, technically called Manana Island, is a lot more like its namesake. The eye and nose are spot-on, and the ears are laid back.

Looking back east at the rocky cliffs of Makapu`u Point, the easternmost point on O`ahu. One of the reasons I love my newest camera is being able to take that second photo from about 2 miles away.

If you like this rabbit photo, I can send you the original. Just ask.

These shields are old, but not that old. The state name disappeared from the shields when Hawai`i changed over from embossed cutouts to flat signs. Only these shields on HI 72 WB (and possibly an eastbound one or two) look like this, so there's no good explanation. What I say is, as long as Hawaii's leaving the upper half of the shield blank, may as well put the name back in all of them.

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